Why You Should Choose a Metal Roof Retrofit

Retrofit roofing typically involves replacing a flat roof with a sloped, metal option, and this type of roofing repair is extremely beneficial during difficult economic times. Most of the metal roof retrofitting that occurs involves adding a slope to a flat roof and this strategy is helpful in creating a good investment return, as it will lower your energy costs and require little maintenance. Additionally, this type of roofing can usually be installed without removing the previous roof. Some of the other top reasons that you should consider a metal roof retrofit for your home or business are outlined below.

Cost-Saving Properties of Metal

Choosing a metal roof retrofit is beneficial in a variety of ways, but the durability of metal roofing is quite possibly the top. The exterior surface of a metal roof is predicted to last for up to 50 years, and the reflective coating found on these types of roofing can reflect a vast majority of solar energy that would otherwise penetrate into a building. In addition to the cost savings you will receive due to not having to replace your roof frequently, you will also save money on your building’s energy costs.

Wind Uplift

Many existing roofs do not meet code requirements when it comes to wind uplift, and a metal roof retrofit can solve this problem. By retrofitting a new structure, it can correct deficiencies in the previous roof without having to remove the existing structure. Additionally, a metal retrofit provides homeowners with the option of using the cavity between the new and old roof surfaces as a way to provide natural convective cooling.

Environmental Benefits

In addition to reducing your energy consumption, metal framing systems come with added environmental benefits. Most of the trim and panels that are made from metal are created from recycled materials, and these items themselves are also recyclable. A roofing retrofit also reduces the amount of waste you produce by allowing you to place the structure on top of an existing roof rather than first having to tear it down.