Tax Incentives and Metal Roofing

If you are looking for a way to save money on your metal roof, recent tax incentives may provide you with that option. Currently incentives are available as an Energy Efficiency Tax, and this incentive includes energy efficient appliances, new homes, or items retrofitted to existing homes from 2012-2013. Metal roofs that either meet or exceed the Energy Star program requirements are eligible for this incentive program. Homeowners are now able to receive a tax incentive up to $500 per home and for 10% of the installed cost for certain equipment associated with the installation of a metal roof.

For homeowners, who are interested in receiving this tax credit, the process is fairly straight-forward:

  • Contact a metal roofing company to discuss the options for installing a metal roof on your home.
  • Confirm that the roof that you are selecting is a coated or pre-painted Energy Star metal roof. It must include pigmented paint or coating that is specifically designed for the reduction of heat gain, and you should obtain certification of this from either the manufacturer or your roofing contractor.
  • Have your new metal roof installed to your principal residence on a date from January 1, 2012 to December 31, 2013.
  • Complete the IRS Form 5695 (Residential Energy Credits) when completing your taxes. If you have additional questions regarding your eligibility for this tax credit you should consult with your accountant or tax advisor.

In addition to the Energy Efficiency Tax Credit, there are more ways to save with a metal roof. Typically homes that are upgraded with this type or roofing will see their costs recouped at over 75% of the cost of the job. Many home and business owners also qualify for discounts on their homeowners insurance, and although these discounts can vary, some people see reductions in their bills by up to 35%.