Reroofing After a Storm

Although metal roofing is typically unaffected by the hot-cold/wet-dry weather cycles that commonly break down other roofing materials, storm and hail damage are elements that can cause a metal roof to fail or deteriorate. Long term exposure to normal atmospheric conditions will cause metal to deteriorate over time, of course this process usually takes a long period of time as the typical life expectancy of a metal roof is 40-50 years. Industry standard Kynar and SMP paint finished carry paint finish warranties ranging from 20-35 years. Schedule a storm damage inspection.

In addition to typical storm damage, a metal roof can sustain significant wind, fire, and hail damage as well. Because a metal roof has a much higher durability than standard roofing shingles, a common misconception is that a metal roof won’t lose its effectiveness from wind and hail damage – but this is incorrect. Not only can hail damage be unsightly for your metal roof, but the dents from hail will cause tiny microfractures in the paint that can cause rust and eventually leaks. If you suspect that your commercial building roof has sustained this type of storm damage, Call ReRoof USA Today and find out more about how our Metal Roof Retrofitting service can help you.

Hail Damage

While a metal roof will certainly handle the immediate effects of hail damage better than other types of roof systems there still is long term concerns for hail damaged metal roofs. The hail damage can be unsightly as well as potentially causing the roof system to fail. The hail impact will cause tiny micro-fractures in the finish of the metal that can eventually cause rust and leaks over time. If you have hail damage on your metal roof, Call Us Today to Schedule an Inspection.

Wind Damage

Metal roofs are occasionally susceptible to wind damage from hurricanes & tornadoes, or micro-burst just like any other type of roof system. However, we are typically able to come in with a new standing seam roof system and have your new roof meet the new local building code requirements. If you already have a metal roof we can design a retrofit roof system that will allow us to add more intermediate purlins around the perimeter of your roof. This is common since most local building codes have become more stringent over the last 10 years. This is also the case for existing flat roofs where a new sloped roof is desired. If your roof has suffered wind damage and needs to be replace give Call Today to Schedule an Evaluation.

Fire Damage

While metal roofs have great fire resistant capabilities, if your roof has suffered fire damage it is imperative to have the roof inspected. Most metal building structures get part of their structural strength from their roof system. If your building has suffered fire damage, please Call Us Today for an evaluation.

Rust & Leaky Fasteners

The two most common reasons for metal roof replacement is rust from a metal roof’s long life span and exposed fastener leaking. It will typically take 40-50 years before a metal roof will show signs of rust that should concern a building owner. A more common and sometimes immediate problem is leaky fasteners. This happens with exposed fastener roof systems which are very common with older metal roofs and metal building systems. The washers on these screws will deteriorate from exposure to UV rays over time and more specifically from thermal expansion and contraction of the roof system. With Reroof USA’s standing seam roof system, expansion and contraction is not a concern. A standing seam system utilizes concealed clips and fasteners to attach the roof that promote thermal expansion and contraction. If your metal roof is rusted or leaking give us a call to discuss a solution.

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