Signs of a Poor Metal Roofing Installation

Do you think that your metal roof was installed incorrectly? Find out how you can tell if mistakes were made by reading through some of the most common signs of a poor metal roof installation.

No Drip Edge

A drip edge is an important part of a steel roofing system, as it typically consists of galvanized steel and sits under the shingles and above the underlayment at the edge of the roof. A properly installed drip edge will extend over the gutter so that water flows off the roof and into the gutter, thus keeping it away from the house. This can also help to ensure that water doesn’t enter a house at the edge of the roof, as this could compromise the home’s interior. If your home doesn’t have a drip edge, or if the drip edge isn’t long enough to divert water into the gutter, this is a major sign of an improperly installed roof.

Poor Attachments

It is important to consult with your local municipality’s building code to determine what attachment methods are recommended. By using an improper method, such as using the wrong type of nail or hammering them in at the wrong distance from one another, you could experience roof damage that could have been preventable. Additionally, increased insurance premiums in addition to replacement and repair costs may be experienced.

No Uniformity

If you notice that your roof looks nice on one side of the house but mismatched or different on the other side, this can be a good indication that an improper roofing job was completed. Look for differences in materials and colors, as these can be signs that corners were cut in order to save money.

Underlayment Issues

If your roof is missing an underlayment, this is a sign that a major corner has been cut. The underlayment is important for weather-proofing your roof, and without this layer, you can almost guarantee that your roof will experience a leak.