Our Metal Roofing Services


Commercial Metal Roofs

We understand how critical it is for commercial building owners and managers to have a building that maintains a dry, attractive, and functional atmosphere and can roll form directly onto the commercial building roof surface.


New Construction

We have our own drafting department and work with private engineering firms on a regular basis. We can provide detailed plans for your new roof system as well as project specific engineering when necessary. We have erected and designed commercial buildings, along with structural and architectural standing seam roof systems for years.


Storm & Hail Damage

Not only can hail damage be unsightly for your metal roof, but the dents from hail will cause tiny micro-fractures in the paint that can cause rust and eventually leaks.


Metal Roof Inspections

Before you commit to a comprehensive re-roofing project, you should schedule a roof inspection to assess all of the damage. A roofing inspection will reveal whether your commercial building would benefit from adding a slope through a retrofit system.


Gutter & Downspout Replacement

Not only does a custom gutter & downspout system have functional quality, but it can also dramatically increase the aesthetic quality to your commercial building. ReRoof USA can use color and design to create a custom gutter system that complements your building and maintains a positive “curb appeal.”