Metal Roofing for New Construction

Don’t let the name fool you, while our main focus is metal reroof projects, we have extensive experience with New Construction Metal Roofing jobs as well. At Reroof USA we have our own drafting department as well as working with several private engineering firms on a regular basis. We can provide detailed plans for your new roof system as well as project specific engineering when necessary. We have been involved in providing services for new construction roofing since our very beginning. We’ve erected and designed storage facilities along with structural and architectural standing seam roof systems for years. If you have a new construction building, we are the Metal Roofing Contractor for you. Call today and find out how we can serve you!


Metal Roof for New Building

New standing seam metal roofs have been expanding from their industrial roots to become more of an architectural statement over the past few years. With a wide selection of colors and panel profiles, they can now be found on all types of structures, including upscale housing, restaurants, retail businesses, and churches. A metal roofing contractor can tell you which panels will look best for your various building locations including, soffits, fascias, walls, and mansards, as well as steep slope and curved roof applications.
Reroof USA provides a 5 year watertight warranty standard for all standing seam roof systems at no extra cost to the business owner. In some cases we can provide up to a 20 year watertight warranty from some of the industries leading new metal roof manufacturers. This is project-specific and depends on the application and type of roof systems being used.

Your Business Needs a New Roof

With our staff’s vast knowledge and experience we have worked with numerous types of new construction metal roof systems and manufacturers. If you need an economical “PBR” roof system, a more aesthetically pleasing snap-lock system, or a curved standing seam system, we are the new construction roofing company for you.
Energy efficiency is another major benefit of a new construction standing seam metal roof for your building. Although it’s not always visible, the most costly effect of a leaky roof is the damage to the existing insulation and damage to the existing decking. Wet insulation loses its design qualities and fails to provide a barrier against heat and cold. ReRoof USA’s new roofing system also makes adding insulation very easy so that additional energy savings can be seen every month on your bills. ReRoof USA offers a range of colors that meet Energy Star requirements for Solar Reflectance on low slope and high slope roofs.

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