Common Signs that Your Business Needs a New Roof

If the roof on your business is old, it may be time for a replacement. Different types of roofing will have different life spans, and therefore, they may show signs of wear and tear differently. Some of the main signs that your business may be in need of a new roof are outlined below so that you know what to look for.


If your roof is experiencing leaks at different times, or if you are noticing multiple leaks, this may be an indication that you need commercial re-roofing services. Likely the moisture barrier in place with your roof has been compromised.

Brown Spots

If you notice brown spots on your ceiling tiles, it could mean that your roof or pipes are leaking. If the spots are on ceiling tile it is likely due to a pipe problem, and the brown spots found on the tiles that sit under the roof usually point toward a roofing issue.

Shingle Buckling or Curling

If your roof decking has moved to the point where it results in the buckling of shingles, you likely need to have a roof repair. When a section of roof shingles buckle, curl, or blister, the problem can be fixed, but when the entire roof is affected a whole reroof will become necessary.

Outside Light Shining In

If you can trace outdoor light through your roof, this is a good indication that you are in need of a repair. You should not be able to see exterior light in the places where the roof separates form chimneys or exhaust pipes. If a repair is not done on these issues, flooding can occur when rain is experienced.

Wood Decking Issues

If your roof decking is drooping, the roof of your commercial business may appear to bow inward. This sagging can be viewed from outside. This is an accident waiting to happen, and the decking may give way during poor weather conditions.