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Having been in Commercial Metal Roofing for businesses with a specific focus on erecting large storage facilities for years, we understand how critical it is for commercial building owners and managers to have a building that maintains a dry, attractive, and functional atmosphere for their customers, clients, and merchandise. We also understand that at the end of every day your building needs to be dry and we always will take the necessary steps to ensure this. If you own a business and are looking for a commercial re-roofing company, contact the experts at ReRoof USA.Call Today for Your FREE Estimate at (770) 456-1611

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The fact that standing seam metal roofs for commercial buildings offer excellent resistance to all forms of weather is one of the primary advantages of ReRoof USA’s standing seam commercial metal roof systems. The sloped framing eliminates the possibility of standing water, reducing the potential of structural collapse. All custom cut roof panels interlock and are crimped or “seamed” together with a mechanical seamer to provide a weather-tight seal. As a professional commercial roofing company, ReRoof USA offers 5-year to 20-year watertight warranties for commercial standing seam roofing systems.

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Commercial Metal Roof Installation

One of our greatest strengths at ReRoof USA is the ability to roll-form our own standing seam panels on the job site. In most cases, we can roll form directly onto the commercial building roof surface. This ensures that your commercial roof has full length panels and eliminates laps or joints in the roof that leave the potential for a leak. We roll-form our own 2″ tall structural standing seam panels on site. This panel is ideal for commercial buildings, storage facilities, warehouses, or any commercial roof that has an open structure below the roof deck. This panel is also ideal for low slope applications with the ability to be installed on roof slopes as low as 1/4″/12. ReRoof USA has experience adding slopes to existing flat roofs to promote positive roof drainage and add to the overall appearance of your building.

At ReRoof USA we pride ourselves on our ability to meet the needs of commercial building owners. Specifically owners needing a new roof who have an operating business. We work to come up with creative construction and installation plans that will disrupt the normal flow of business as little as possible for owners, tenants, employees, and customers. We will always go to the greatest lengths to ensure that any project we are on is dried in on a daily basis and the job site left in a safe and clean condition. Call Today for Your FREE Estimate at (770) 456-1611

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