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Thank you for visiting the ReRoof USA website! With over 60 years of combined Metal Roofing experience serving the Eastern United States, we strive to provide businesses and corporations of all sizes with the highest quality of Metal Roofing and Re-roofing services. We have built an industry-leading metal roofing company on values such as honesty, integrity, and providing excellent customer service. So if you’re looking for a new metal roof installation or a metal reroof company, then Call Today & Schedule Your FREE Metal Roof Estimate!


Benefits of Metal Roofing:

  • Can Be Installed On Existing Roof
  • 40-50 Year Life Expectancy
  • Saves Money On Monthly Bills
  • Energy-Efficient & LEED Compliant
  • Can Be Installed With Insulation
  • Aesthetically Pleasing for Commercial Buildings
  • Cost Effective
  • Optional Solar Panels
  • High Quality, Long Lasting, & Watertight

Why Choose ReRoof USA

At ReRoof USA, our strengths are providing excellent metal roofing at competitive prices due to our strong relationships with our vendors and our ability to fund large projects and pay our suppliers promptly. We have a large work force with the ability to cover a large territory and still keep our prices competitive. Our biggest strength is our singular focus on metal roofing systems and the fact that all of our employees have vast experience with metal construction. Please take a look at a full list of our exceptional Metal Roofing Services and see how we can serve you today!

Metal Roofs Last Longer

According to a 2004 study of low-sloped roofing by Drucker International, Steel Roofs have a much longer life span expectancy than built-up or single ply roof systems. Their research found that the life expectation for metal roofing systems was upwards of 40 years – which is more than double that of the other roofing systems. More than just lasting a long time, metal roofs require little-to-no maintenance throughout that 40+ years. ReRoof USA trumps the competition with our ability to roll-form standing seam roof panels on site. This allows us to significantly reduce cost, lower the amount of construction debris, and general clutter on the job site. This also gives us the ability to run full length panels, eliminating the need for horizontal lap joints which have a tendency to leak. If you’re looking for a Commercial Building Metal Roofer and want to save money, ReRoof USA is the Metal Roofing Company for you!

Are Metal Roofs Affordable?

Standing seam metal roofing is typically not the least expensive roofing system to install, but when one considers the common maintenance, repairs, and shorter life expectancy of traditional flat roofs, the costs advantages of standing seam metal roofs are obvious. Although the industry standard for initial standing seam metal roof is $6-8/SF as represented in the chart below, ReRoof USA has been able to provide fully insulated retrofit metal systems for as little as $5/SF, along with non-insulated systems for even less. ReRoof USA further improves on these cost advantages with its job site manufacturing process.

Onsite roll forming reduces the investment in materials by cutting out the middle man and the related shipping costs associated with buying traditional factory formed panels. This is specifically the case with large commercial and industrial buildings. It also allows for a much greater level of quality and control as the panels can be cut to the exact length and fit together without horizontal lap joints. Call the Metal Roofing Experts Today and find out how you can start saving money with an energy-efficient and LEED compliant metal roof! To better understand our company and the quality of our work please take some time and read what many of our Past Customers Are Saying about us and look at some Photos of Previous Roofing Jobs

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